Sunday, 28 May 2017


Yup, those two cat envelopes were made from the same
book as the one used on my upcycling envelopes tutorial.

The flamingo stationery came from The Works.
A bit of Casablanca and cupcakes . . .
The pumpkin cupcakes envelope was sent to someone 
who loves all things autumn and this was the only 
envelope I had to match it.
I'm getting two new chickens socialised with my
old two at the moment - sending a letter to
update a friend on the process in an envelope
with a vulture on it seemed very apt when considering
how evil my two chooks are being to the new girls!

How lovely is this envelope! As far as I can work out it was done
with the use of a stencil. The blurry pink bits are my first attempts
at anonymising an envelope. Messily. Thanks to the stamp in 
right hand corner of this letter I now know who Dorothy Height is. 
The heart shaped stamps look like the pattern is done with quilling.
The USA has some very attractive stamps!
Cute washi tape
I couldn't quite capture the lovely sage green tone of the writing
paper in the background here. A friend picked it up in a charity shop
and found it took fountain pen writing well. The colourful flowers
in the foreground are taken from what I think is meant to be jotter
or similar as they are long and narrow but the great thing about 

letter writing is that you can use anything as writing paper.
I received a blank postcard with one of the letters and found
the stamp area on the back had this really sweet little detail. Could
I get a crisp photo of it? Could I bollocks. A blurry one
will have to do.

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