Saturday, 27 May 2017

Tea Bag Art

A collection of work by Ruby can be found here as well as on
her website (link below)

Once upon a time, Ruby Silvious decided to start creating artwork out of used teabags. As far as I can work out, she started doing this in 2015. I discovered it this week. And I think it's GENIUS. Which is why I'm sharing it to spread the knowledge.

Another article of Ruby Silvious

She isn't the only person repurposing old teabags in the name of creativity but as far as I can tell she is the only person with a book in print on the subject. Know anyone who would love this as a random present? You are welcome.

The variety of pictures, some very simple, some incredibly detailed, is astounding. What a creative soul! Check the variety out on Pinterest or Google. Imagination is an awesome thing.

This one has an almost Banksy feel to me though it's heavy on the
fantasy rather than the social messaging

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