Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Favourite Photos from June

The centre of a double bloom poppy

Trying to capture the texture of a foxglove

Bee buffet

Don't know if this makes a 'professional' photo but I loved
the way the sun shone through the white petals

Hot pink

The aim of this photo was to get the petals in the centre in
focus, the central bud of the rose slightly out of focus - success

Another rose, this one a buttery yellow

My Persian buttercups have been so beautiful this year, deliciously
thick ruffs of petal after petal

Technically a weed intruding from the garden next door, but the
colour of these flowers is just amazing - and impossible to do
justice with via camera

A grainier shot - wanted a dreamy quality to this

You might not be able to see without enlarging this photo but the
point of focus is the dandelion seed caught in the flower in the
bottom left hand corner

Shiny ladybird carapace

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