Monday, 12 June 2017

Monday Mishmash

Gadget Love
One thing about penpals is that as well as putting you on to books you might like to read, they can also suggest stationery equipment that you will be unlikely to resist.

Like this envelope maker.
Curious as to how it works? Here's a YouTube how to:

I'm saving up my pennies to buy one. I still enjoy making the A-style envelopes I recently shared a tutorial for, but I've been receiving some lovely home-made baronial style envelopes and would like to be able to make my own. 

And now for something completely different...

Memorable Image
Of all the pictures Pinterest has suggested for my perusal in recent days, this is the most memorable. Mark Ryden is the creator of this particular meat dress. According to the interwebs, this is the picture that inspired Lady Gaga's meat dress, though I can't confirm that in interviews I've tracked down where Lady G talks about the dress. 
Don't think I want to know what the petticoats are made of...
Interesting App
I am by no means an app aficionado but every now and then a blogger I follow will mention something that will make me think of people I know. Thus it is with the Recolor app, mentioned recently by The Bloggess. Do you have lots of amazing colouring books but your inner (pain-in-the-bum) perfectionist won't let you take a felt tip or pencil to them because he/she insists you will get it wrong? This app could be the answer for you. As I understand it from The Bloggess, you can scan pictures and colour them in on the app as practice before moving on to the real thing. It's not something I'd use as I like to challenge my inner perfectionist so she doesn't take over the joint, but I was chatting to someone at the weekend who won't touch his Doctor Who colouring book in case he picks the wrong colours and this could be what he and others need.

Tips for Compulsive Notebook Buyers (like me . . .)
30 Ways to use a Blank Notebook. And no! This does not give you an excuse to go out and buy enough notebooks to bring your collection up to 30! (I'm talking to myself here, not you).

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