Monday, 26 June 2017

Monday Mishmash

Pinterest Cute
A speckled padloper tortoise - try saying that repeatedly when you're tiddly. Found on Pinterest, pinned from

Book Club
So . . . a new penpal suggested I check out the Vaginal Fantasy Book ClubLike trashy paranormal/ urban fantasy romance? Like wine and/or spirits? Like finding out what other people thought of the trashy romance you've just read? This could be the book club for you!
I've listened to a couple and things go off topic pretty easily so if you like concise book reviews these vlogs are probably not your cup of tea. If you just want something entertaining and rambling in the background while you are doing the ironing/ cooking dinner then it could fit the bill. 

Classic Comedy
My CD set of choice while pottering about the kitchen this last week. Some comedy ages terribly - this still feels relevant and funny. So many great lines. Made me wish I still worked with my ex-colleague Matt so we could have a quote off in the office

Mail Tag
I've heard the phrase 'mail tag' on and off over the last couple of months as I've got back into the snailmail community and this last week I actually did the research on what the phrase actually meant. I thought it was just asking someone questions but actually the process involves someone asking me questions and me responding with my answers, and my own set of questions. The person writing back sends their answers to their questions, my questions, and sends a couple more questions. At least, this is what I think happens from what I've read on the subject. I've started a list of possible questions in my bullet journal. 

They are pretty random, ranging from the more standard
-Do you have a favourite season? If so, which one and why?
-What would your ideal reading room look like?
-What is the ideal size for a pet dragon?
-If your pets were in a film, which actor/actress would voice them?
and other such intellectual enquiries.

The idea is to get to know penpals in a way that a standard letter might not always allow. 


  1. Ih that looks like Felicia Day! Also stealing some of those mail tag questions.