Saturday, 24 June 2017

Random thoughts on wax seals

I was given a set of metallic sealing waxes as a gift a couple of years ago. They have managed to evade my regular culls of 'I never use that! Off to the charity shop you go!' and now I feel their time has come.

Once you start looking around at the snailmail options available today, you realise that while wax seals may be a thing of the very distant past (for some historical facts check out this article on the Art of Manliness website) they have never died out in the face of flashy technology. In fact, the popularity of the wax seal. Search Etsy or Amazon for wax seals and you will find all sorts of designs on the market.
Fancy a Rebel Alliance Star Wards seal? Such things are out there!
The best kind of wax to use is wax designed for use as a seal rather than candle wax but when it comes to the seal itself there are no rules. You can buy a swanky one if you have the spare cash. You can also make your own. Coins, medals, buttons, charms, brooches, pendants, ornate scissor handles - anything with a pattern on a relatively flat background is fair game. I assume flimsy plastic is a no-go owing to the temperature of the wax but I can't confirm that through personal experience.

There are tutorials on the interwebs, like this one from Offbeat Bride, which shows you how to make a wax seal out a button and a chess piece. Don't have fancy chess pieces? How about going simple and using wine bottles corks instead.
Taken from Offbeat Bride
Can't quite picture how to create a wax seal? Here's a handy little how to from YouTube with a delightful amount of calming birdsong in the background.
From what I can tell, melting pieces of wax in a spoon rather than lighting a wick is a better option for less soot, and I'd also prefer to use a proper sealing wax melting spoon than a standard spoon to minimise wax wastage.

I've raised my button stash and found some lovely potentials for a wax seal. When I find the time to give it a go, I will share pictures.


  1. I've used coins as seals but I've never made one out of a button. I like that idea. Now where did I put those buttons...?

  2. Hope it worked well for you. When I tried it the outcome was rather mixed. Fun to use these as seals every now and then but perhaps a proper seal would be more reliable. :)