Saturday, 10 June 2017

Snailmail: Rhinos and Mermaids


Unsurprisingly, the envelope that came bearing the above slogan on the back also came with the image below on the front. When I first saw it, I was wondering what the mermaid was holding as at first glance it looked like a misshapen strawberry. It is of course a conch shell. Doh!

A cute little snail stamp. I don't have any stamps like this, snail, mermaid or otherwise. Something else to add to my stationery cupboard if I see anything out suitable and about. 

An eclectic washi tape selection. The rhino tape is especially sweet as I wouldn't have assumed that a rhino smelling flowers while wearing a pink knitted jumper would be something anyone would make tape of.


Stamps-wise, there's been a royal UK, Portuguese sporty and Canadian sweeping scenes mix.

I got these bookmarks as a gift with one of the letters received - they're all lovely but the one on the right hand side has that striking orange pattern, and as that's a colour I love it will be the bookmark I use first.

Penny monitored the photo taking this morning.


It's been a busy week so I haven't had much time for writing. These two went out today though. The sci-fi scene envelope came from the airbrushing book I mentioned in a previous post, and is headed out to fan of the genre. Hope it puts a smile on her face to receive it in the mail.

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