Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Storing Letters

Owing to the fact I am now firmly back on the snailmail wagon, I need to give some thought to how I store my letters. At the moment, I'm following the process I did when I was a child/teen: keeping all my received letters in a box with a piece of coloured wool keeping together those received from the same person.

Impressive letter bundles from Retired in Delaware
That worked well enough back then but I'd like to come up with something a bit more creative and colourful. And something that doesn't require me untying and retying wool to get in and out of my bundles.

Over to the interwebs for some advice and inspiration!

Image taken from this article
I could use a storage system like the one above. This type of expanding box file organiser is very easy to find, and I could get a snazzy patterned one from Paperchase or similar. And yet it would be a solution that meant I didn't need to make anything.

Inspiration from Letters, Postcards and a Cup of Tea 
I could use different boxes for different types of mail and indulge my creativity by getting plain boxes then smothering them in craft papers and stickers courtesy of The Works. What keeps me from getting enthused about that option is that I already have a good system for incoming mail and, as I said above, I've done the box storage before and would like to try something else.

My current thoughts revolve around me using up some of my fabric stash and creating fabric envelopes to hold letters from individual people. Have a simple button or velcro closure, with perhaps a pocket at the front to hold a sheet of paper with address, DOB, likes and dislikes of that person, dates letters sent and received, ideas for stationery they would like the look of and so on and so forth. I need the time to sit down and work out sizing, then mock one up on the sewing machine. If it is successful, I will post pictures, maybe a how-to as well for anyone else who is interested.

Proving the point that you can find anything on YouTube, here's a vlog on organising letters from penpals.

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