Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Joy of Stickers

Mmmm. Stickers.

It's one of those areas of stationery that (theoretically) you set aside when you move from the realm of childhood/teenagerdom into adulthood. I remember loving stamps when I was younger and not having the pennies to buy many. When I did get some, I would hoard them, a paper-crazed Smaug with my beautiful (if small) stash. Eventually, they faded, the sticky wore off, the scented ones stopped smelling of anything, and they got thrown away.

In recent months stickers have been making their way back into my life. They are embellishments for my bullet journal. Colourful extras to help with habit tracking, A gift from a scrapbook-loving friend. A means of brightening up a letter written on plain paper. 

It's a simple delight to indulge that inner child who never got the chance to buy all the beautiful stickers she wanted to because she couldn't afford it. It's a grown-up pleasure to use them as I buy them, knowing I have the capacity to replenish that I didn't all those decades ago.

Here's my recent purchases. The top two I got a couple of weeks ago, the larger pack on the bottom I got today, and it's contents are so beautiful they inspired me to write this post.

Top to bottom:
Busy B sticky labels
Paris je t'aime labels
Art Nouveau labels, stickers and tapes
This unexpected stationery bargain of the day came from the clearance section of TK Maxx - a book of around 250 labels, stickers and tapes with an art nouveau theme. They are gorgeous. The strips of tape are 24cm long and can be used like washi tape. Exquisite washi tape. 16 pages of designs repeated to make up the 32 page set.

Beautiful, beautiful sticker tape . . .
It's from Pepin Press, who I hadn't heard of until today. I made the mistake of looking on their website and discovered that they also do a Natural History sticker book which is more than a little bit luscious. Doubt I'll get that for a bargain £2.30 though. 

Bottom centre of the page - those fish are gorgeous! So is
everything on this page to be fair.
The Paris je t'aime book of labels was £3 from The Works. The pack has a Life Canvas logo on the back and a website address for Parragon. The Parragon website seems aimed mostly at children and I couldn't find a reference to labels. If you like the look of these, Amazon appears to be your best bet in tracking some down. This appears to be the only set of its kind that Parragon has done, so in a way that's a plus as there are no others for me to yearn for. Kind of hope that one day they might do a London themed one though. A New York one would also have its temptations.

Five pages of designs that are then repeated. Hot air balloons, the Eiffel tower,
Parisian scenes - a mixture of labels, decorative stickers and post-it sized pieces.
The smallest pack, the Busy B labels, was £2 in The Works. I was given a Busy B pack of stickers as a gift months ago and as a result the logo caught my eye when I was out shopping. I've also seen these packs in Waterstones for £5. Four pages of repeating stickers.

Stationery is just so awesome!

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