Saturday, 17 June 2017

What We Leave Behind

After the death of her mother, a friend asked me if I would like the embroidery threads that were left among the possessions to be sorted. I said yes, these were duly passed on to me, and over the course of the last few days I have taken time to sit out in the garden and sort through this gift of colour.

I have sat on my picnic blanket and run my hands over these threads and thought about their previous owner. I never knew her and yet through this bag of possessions I know something about her.

I know that she liked to keep the colours organised, and would carefully separate them out after purchasing them and wrap them in tissues, blues, greens, pinks, yellows and so on. Her daughter told me that this was one of her memories of helping her mother. 

I know she liked the colour purple, or at the very least was drawn to patterns that featured the colour purple, as that was the shade most prevalent in the bundle of gleaming threads. 

I know she thought ahead on her projects and would cut lengths of those cottons she anticipated needing so she could just pick them up when they were required. 

I know she loved to create and loved to play with colour. I don't think there was a single grey or dull brown colour in the whole bag. There was one small amount of black. The rest of the shades were like a summer meadow.

So I have sat in the sunshine, and thought about this creative woman, and wondered what beautiful pictures she created with these cottons, and pondered what will one day happen to my stash.

I would like to think that my fabric and buttons and threads and needles and crafting miscellany will make their way into other creative hands after I am gone. Hopefully I won't be going for a while yet but it pleases me to think that one day there could be someone else sitting in the sunshine, tracing the patterns on a particularly beautiful piece of fabric with the tip of their finger, wondering what I did with the missing part that is cut away. And planning what to do with the piece I leftover.

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