Monday, 10 July 2017

Monday Mishmash

Letter writing LUST!
La Papierre offers a stationery subscription service sending out letter writing sheets and envelopes. They aren't based in the UK but will ship here, and feedback I have seen on the subscription service is good. I'm not intending to sign up to this anytime soon as I have lots of writing paper and need to save my pennies for other things but it's lovely to know that such a service exists.

Miles Jupp on plotting 
There's an interesting 30 minute programme on BBC Radio 4 which references a book called Plotto that might be of interest to my writing friends. Written by William Cook, it is full of scenarious a budding scribbler can use. It is allegedly the master book of all plots - some of the examples Miles Jupp references in the show are quite random.
Example: A ventriloquist, is captured by savages and threatened with death, makes an animal talk and is consequently given his freedom and loaded with honours.

A podcast about the books you've been meaning to read
If you're a book lover and enjoy listening to irreverent people chat about books, I'd recommend the Overdue podcasts. Andrew Cunningham and Craig Getting discuss a variety of books, one a week, which are books you should have read by now. Or books that lots of other people have read by now. The most amusing listen I've come across on Overdue is The Mummy by Anne Rice. They have also discussed Of Mice and Men, The Da Vinci Code, Fifty Shades of Grey, Outlander, Jane Eyre, The Secret Garden, Kushiel's Dart - they're up to 248 now so you're bound to have read something they have done a podcast on.

Pinterest Cute
A baby crow - IT'S SO FLUFFY!

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