Monday, 24 July 2017

Monday Mishmash

Space Cats! Thank you Pinterest!
Can't lie - I fully intend to invest in a cheapie notebook and print a copy of this to go on the cover!

Photography Goal Achieved!
A clear picture of a butterfly - a peacock butterfly in case you wanted to know the name. Maybe you take photographs and have never had problems taking pictures of butterflies. I have so this is an achievement for me.

Indulging the Hormones
Had my yearly ovary scan on Saturday (ah, the joys of BRCA1) and to thank them for being so well behaved I decided to reward them with The Legend of Tarzan. Emily Writes wrote a hilarious review of this film when it came out last year, and I would recommend a read. It definitely enhanced my viewing pleasure 😉

A National Trust property I visited during my recent sojourn to Devon. It was commissioned by and for two ladies in the 1790s who had the wealth to dodge the husband/child bullet of the time and live entirely for their creativity. They went on the Grand Tour, something I don't recall much women doing from my knowledge of history, and they returned to England with lots of art and lots of ideas. The house is literally covered in their creations, the most incredible of which being the shell galleries at the top of the house, made from natural 'ingredients' like shells, feathers, sand and so on. You can't view the shell gallery in person but you can have a virtual tour of the place which is more than enough to recognise the sheer scale of the thing. It must have taken decades.

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