Monday, 31 July 2017

Monday Mishmash

Needle Painting
From Trish Burr Embroidery, found via Pinterest
Not heard of embroidery being called Needle Painting until this week. I like the term very much - hence me wanting to share it with you, as well as this beautiful example. If one day I'm able to 'paint' half as well as this I will be very pleased.

Following on from previous weeks of working through the second and third series of Blackadder on audiobook, I have now completed the fourth. I know the scripts like the back of my hand. Blackadder was something that was often playing in the background while I was growing up and being able to quote it verbatim is something I appreciate in friends and family. The final episode is as superb and poignant as ever - for those not familiar with the series (all 2 of you), the last episode sees Blackadder and his men go over the top. The setting was 1917 and we all know, with the hindsight of history, what happened there. I paused in my housework to focus on the words, and the fact that 100 years ago so many lives were wasted on both sides in the trenches.

Bagpuss, Clangers & Co
The Bagpuss, Clangers & Co exhibition is currently showing at the Ipswich Art School and I wandered over to have a look. It isn't a big exhibition but it is interesting. I wasn't a fan of the Clangers but Bagpuss, Ivor the Engine and Noggin the Nog all have their part of the exhibition too. You can even make your own little 12 frame stop-motion animation using a scene and figures from Ivor the Engine. It's aimed at children but I made one myself because it's not something I've done before and there were no kids around at the time.

There are early drawings from which the various characters eventually sprang to life; an x-ray of a Clanger; Bagpuss and co all on display behind glass - and there's a room to the side playing the shows if you want to indulge in nostalgia and watch a couple of episodes. I caught part of an Ivor the Engine one where a local hunt was thwarted in their attempts to get one of Mrs Porty's foxes. Go, Ivor the Engine, go! There's information on the creators of these shows - did you know, for example, that Oliver Postgate was a conscientious objector during the second world war?

I've included a clip above for anyone who hasn't seen an episode of Bagpuss, though with all the merchandise still current in the world I imagine the majority are familiar with the main character.

Cute of the Week
How cute is this idea? For full information including printables see Design Eat Repeat. I don't know if it's something you could give as a random gift to someone but I love the idea of this cute packaging for cake sprinkles.

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