Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Snailmail: Batlady and treats

I've been on holiday. Letters have been sent. Letters have been received. My first Philatelink order has arrived and I am already saving up for my next one. I opted for the 26p and under mixed bag and will go for the 68p and under option next time as I send letters abroad and would have no space left for an address if I used the smaller denominations for those. Also, I love making groovy envelopes and don't want them too buried under postage.

With some of my leftover holiday spends I have purchased my first Sheaffer fountain pen, my first bottle of Quink to use with a refillable calligraphy pen recently given to me as a gift, and a set of Indian Orange J Herbin ink cartridges as I love the colour orange and fancy having a whirl with it as a fountain pen choice.

But on to the snailmail!

Batlady card
Batgirl's predesessor? But in a corset and possibly needing to be rescued more regularly? I love this little illustration. The black gloves, the hat with it's bat ears and nose, the dainty cloak - lovely.

Washi tape

Peacock feathers, ghosts and cats - the ghosts from a US penpal who adores Hallowe'en and is already counting down the days.

A week of relatively plain stamps, with this trio as the highlight.

Writing Paper

The ducks are from a lady who tends to start her letter with one sheet of standard writing paper or a card, and continues on slim shopping pad paper. Am I making sense there? You know the long, thin notepads you get, often with a magnetic strip on the back for fixing to your fridge door? That's what I'm talking about. As someone who likes to adapt paper not intended for letters for that purpose, it's always a pleasure to receive a letter from someone doing the same thing.

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