Thursday, 13 July 2017

Snailmail: Poodles and Frobisher

I've had some luscious snailmail this week. So much that there's no space on this post for my outgoing mail - picture home made cat envelopes and a couple of from standard sets and you have it covered.

I was pleased to get the Faulker stamp as he's one of the authors listed in my Favourite Short Stories post. I've mentioned Philatelink in another post, and it's been my intention for a while to buy one of their mixed bags of stamps. When I received the envelope with the Frobisher and Inigo Jones stamps on it I realised I could wait no longer! Paypal was raided and I now have my first order placed.

Writing Paper:
It was difficult to get a picture of the poodles that wasn't grainy but as you can see the border of this writing paper incorporated two poodles walking/ dancing and showing off their flashy new Marie Antoinette inspired haircuts. Cute.
The one with the bear in the corner came from a UK penpal - I spy with my little eye something that came from Paperchase! I know because I almost bought the same notepad with the intention of using it as writing paper.
Speaking of which, I saw a wide NOTES pad in Poundland the other day and got it for letters because of the two ladies sharing a pot of tea. It's about A5 sized so will make some satisfyingly big letters.

New penpal:
I got a packed first letter from a new penpal which included this postcard and a description of the Museum of Everyday Life in Vermont, which sounds charming.
The letter was finished off with this Edward Gorey cat stamp - a battered but cheerful looking tuxedo cat.
There was also this mini handmade book. I've been umming and ahhing about starting an art journal but it seems like a big time commitment - this book could be perfect for that project as the size of the pages wouldn't daunt me at all!
She has a cat called Smedley who looks like this. Smedley. Genius name. Makes me think of the character Lord Smedley in Blackadder Third thanks to my recent listening.
This I received from a different penpal and LOVED IT - that typewriter!

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