Saturday, 1 July 2017

Something New: A Timely Project

I found these watch-themed brooches on Pinterest a couple of years ago and loved the idea of them. They were duly pinned to a board . . . and then nothing was done. This was one of the first projects that went into my Something New jar and I'm glad I pulled them out on my recent pick. I don't wear brooches really so it's more the look than the product I'm after.

As the weather is relatively pleasant now, my pocket-wearing days are few and far between so I need a little pouch to carry my MP3 in to and from work. I could just create something quickly out of patterned fabric but it's nice to make an item a bit more special if the opportunity is there. 
A ramble through my stash yielded this Andover fabric. You can't see too much of the panel from the picture above but there are a few different clocks to choose from and I really like the one with Roman numerals. I'm going to use the colour palette suggested by the print, so my final piece will be a tad less colourful than the Hensteeth offerings but that doesn't fuss me.

The current plan is to cut out the watch face I want and embroider it on to another piece of fabric that will then be embellished. I'm considering using some fleece interfacing on the back of the watch face so that it adds to the 3-D effect.
Another example from


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