Friday, 11 August 2017

Arty August (Days 3-9)

This is my favourite piece from the last four days:
But now in a chronological order:
Day 3
Flowers etc - guess who put a bit too much magenta paint in their tray . . .
The flowers on the left were modelled on this pin. This is the tutorial I used for the round flowers in the middle. The watermelon was an experiment without a picture to go by. It was the one piece on the page I sketched out in light pencil first so I'd have the guidance of lines.
Day 4
Penguin form this pin and I think if I tried it again I would try for a light pencil sketch first as I didn't get the shape quite right. Believe it or not, the succulent was based on one of the examples here. I was worried I would run in to the other lines so used too much spacing between the individual 'leaves' so don't think this one is very effective, though I did get a bit more experience blending colours.

Day 5
Jellyfish - my first Instagram inspiration piece! I did the blue for the sea in the morning and then did the jellyfish in the evening. This one was a lot of fun to do and I really like the finished piece, even if it isn't as detailed and delicate as the original one that inspired me. I've realised that even my finest brush does not create a fine line so if I get the opportunity I will be investing in a much finer paintbrush.
Day 6
Cactus - another Instagram inspired one. The aim was to do a simple watercolour piece, then add detail with pen afterwards. I changed the colour of the flowers to orange for my piece as last year at the Suffolk show I saw a cactus with the most amazing orange flowers, and it has left an impression on me.

Day 7
Shit, shit and shit! So shit I have torn out the page, removed the cactus from yesterday and stuck it on a new page, binning the rest. To add insult to injury, as I was gathering up my materials to wash them I managed to get dark indigo paint all over my cream canvas trousers. KHAAAAAN!
Day 8
The previous day showed me that perhaps I need to be picking up skills from actual people rather than making guestimates on how this or that effect was done. So - my first YouTube tutorial from the Frugal Crafter showing me how to do lupins. You will note, if you watch the tutorial yourself, that she did a lot more in terms of background with her lupins but I was still wary after my Artwork of Shite from Day 7 so I thought it best to leave it as it was.

Day 9
First day this month where I have done zero watercolour practice - because someone had a huge back and a bin full of fabric scraps that I was welcome to plunder. Plunder it I did and spent an hour when I got home ironing the pieces, and turning the smaller scraps into pieces that are the right size for 1 inch hexie English Paper Piecing. I will aim to be extra productive this weekend to make up for the lapse.

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