Thursday, 10 August 2017

Gift tags that keep on giving

Round 1 of the gift tag making has been a success! With the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club ensemble rambling on in the background and a selection of donor books and gift tags crafted from craft card, my friend and I set to work.
The weather outside was typical for an English August summer day - i.e. piddling it down with rain with a grey slate sky. Socks and jumpers were the order of the day. 

I really enjoyed making these! I don't think they have quite the polished effect of the ones which inspired this crafting session but they have their own charm. I might have used card that was too busy in the background pattern wise. Whatever, it was as always lovely to spend time with a chum, crafting and finding out what Bonnie Burton from VFBC thought of Taken by the T-Rex
And knowing that gifts I give out in future will be, ahem, enhanced, by these unique gift tags!

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