Monday, 7 August 2017

Monday Mishmash

Fragments in Time
Image from Pixabay
If you have a spare half hour, this BBC Radio programme is well worth a listen, especially for those interested in WW2 history. Christopher Morris found the fragments of a torn up diary in a hedge in Sussex and was so fascinated by the scraps he was able to put together that he set off in search of the name of the writer. Written by a British woman in France in 1944, Fragments in Time contains an insight into life in an occupied land. Does Mr Morris succeed in his quest and discover who the diary belonged to? You'll just have to find out for yourself.

A one-sentence Journal
A full list of the 15 journals can be found at Dark Tea
Like the idea of keeping a journal but find the idea of writing page after page too daunting? There's an option you may not have considered - the one sentence journal! Gretchen Rubin has even created a five-year journal for you to keep your one sentence entries in. The majority of us would have time to write a single line each day so if you want to give journalling a go and feel blocked this could be an easy intro into getting in to the habit.

Pen Collection Envy
I'm going through the archives of the Missive Maven blog and came across this beauty. This is a lady who seriously loves her pens, enjoying the cheapie ones as well as the expensive ones as long as they are a pleasure to write with. In a post a few months ago I talked about a desire to have a small collection of good fountain pens. While I can admire the quantity depicted above, if I'm honest I'd want one about a quarter of the size. It is lovely to look at and sigh over though...

Ha ha ha!
Lion-O's action Thundercat grimace acquires a whole new meaning in this setting.

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