Thursday, 31 August 2017

Pink Panther Fold & Mail Stationery

Another fold & mail bargain from Ebay. Mmmmm... Stationery. Sweet, sweet stationery.
I was a bit worried as the listing for this did not have a picture of the actual item, instead using a generic photo. The description was 'good' but that doesn't necessarily mean much as I've ordered books on Ebay that have been listed as 'good' that I would have been hard-pressed to describe as 'okay'. In the end, aside from a few pages being missing, this pad is fine.

As with the Wonder Woman fold & mail, there are  five designs. Here's what they look like. Typically, after saying I couldn't find any pictures of the WW envelopes on the internet, I found them within five minutes of publishing that blog post on Pinterest

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