Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Snailmail - A Raccoon in Knitwear

There are envelopes under all those stamps. I promise!

Stamps - I love that moose one from Sweden! And, yes, the rubber stamp below is of a raccoon wearing knitwear. Genius!

Washi tape - the top one came on the same envelope as the dapper raccoon above. The two Uno cards were sent with a letter and have come with washi tape samples wrapped around them. Not received anything like this before and was really surprised and pleased to get them. A bit of nostalgia in the mix too as I can recall playing Uno years ago.

Writing paper - lovely cat and mermaid examples. I think the black and white cat with his MEOW bubble would make a good lino cut. I'll add that to my perpetually growing list of ideas to do one day.
This is a very glamorous mermaid. The border of the paper was shells, as shown below. The design is a La Papierre one. Mmmmm. Pretty stationery.

I got this lovely little watercolour in with a letter. Very simple, very effective, about the size of a business card. One day I hope to be able to create a mini-painting like this with ease.

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