Saturday, 12 August 2017

Snailmail: A ship a-sailing

Stamps - postage and other
This Canadian rooster one is so simple, and so effective. The four below are from a UK penpal - and one who also puts in orders to Philatelink! The second stamp in is my favourite - reminding me of Christmas at my Gran's where she would festoon the ceiling with streamers and decorations.
A piece of envelope embellishment from someone who loves a nautical (well, mostly mermaid) theme.

Writing paper
More La Papierre writing paper . . . lustful sigh . . . :)

Washi tape
Don't know if the photo shows it but the world globes are on gold pedestals.

Love that fat racoon sticker.
The HG Wells postcard would have been a pleasure in it's own right, but the Jane Austen one is so cute.

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