Saturday, 5 August 2017

Something New: Collage Gift Tags

Aren't these gift tags groovy? As far as I can make out, they are patterned card with an image taken from somewhere else placed on top for collage. 

I've posted before about how I like to make my own wrapping paper, using plain brown sheets and embellishing them someway or using pages from books rather than buying pre-printed stuff from the shops. I'm also liking the idea of making my own gift tags to add another touch to a gift. 

The tags above comes from a picture I originally saw on Pinterest and have tracked down to here. The original link doesn't appear to be working so the Eat Drink Chic link is the closest I can give you.

What to use for the front images? If I decide to keep with the vintage theme I have the perfect source for the figures to go on the card.
I picked up this book from TK Maxx a little while ago. It's another item from Pepin Press. I'd intended to use the papers for home made envelopes but they could be useful for this project too.
I think my first collage gift tags will be on the cheesy/ surreal side though. As always, I'll share any makes in future posts. I'm meeting up next week with the friend who joined me for crazy cat lady collage cards and I think we could make some WTF tags together 😝

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