Monday, 4 June 2018

Dandelion or Giraffe?

Inspired by this pin - fantastically easy to recreate. I'm tempted to do a whole row of these with different colour backgrounds and use on one of my bullet journal spreads somehow. This spring I have rediscovered the simple pleasure of wishing on dandelions though I often forget to wish in favour of just enjoying the simple pleasure of scattering all those dainty dandelion seeds. Even when the wind changes direction and they end up in my hair.
Inspired by this pic on instagram - @ursusetruscus has some great mail art if you are looking for eye candy of the postal variety. The giraffe panel is taken from the Natural History Pepin sticker and label book. The artwork in this set is amazing but the sticky is quite crap so you need to use extra adhesive/ glue/ double sided tape if you want to use the stickers for anything where you need them to hold their place. No idea where I got the other stickers from, though the cat with the umbrella was gifted by a penpal. This envelope is destined to head off to Sweden in a couple of weeks.
Can I find the source of the inspiration for this? NO! I will have seen it either on Pinterest or Instagram but just can't track it down. Anyway, you can see the clipping that inspired the spread, and from that it's easy to see how I adapted the lay-out. The whole two-pages-for-a-week approach is still new to me and I liked the simplicity of this spread and the use of a strong colour. I get twitchy at bleedthrough on paper, so while I was fine with a line of colour I didn't want to copy that big splodge of yellow on the original as I feared it would make a mess of the other side of the page. I used my inch circle punch and chose a sheet of paper from one of my decorative paper sets that would compliment the green marker. I'm experimenting with different alphabet fonts and numbering, and used this pin for the numbering on my circles, which I then stuck in with double-sided tape.

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